Tetsuro and Julie are here ! 
Sword Master & Cast ("Miki" in Crazy 88) Tetsuro Shimaguchi 
He choreographed "a duel of the the snow garden" in this movie.
Swrod Assistant & Cast (a member of Crazy 88) Julie Manase



"Tetsuro- We all have learned from you
Because you are a Master! "
by Lucy Liu

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BRING Japanese Culture and SAMURAI spirit BACK!
Kill all the evils of the world!

KAMUI is an acting group of the sword-fighting specialists who were found 4 year ago. Nowadays young people are losing theirown traditional culture. We are trying to keep the original spirit of Japanese swordmanship alive, and make this ancient and specialist type of swordplay as one of the Japanese artfrom, which can be shown for all over the world. We don't think "TATE" is just an expression of fighting but it is a wmarchal art that the only people who can read the air and one's breath can win. We do tradition show to the chollaboration with modern arts and new music. We are looking forward to seeing you at our show.

Kengisyu Kamui

When they were found, they performed in Santa Monica and then the Status Fair Tower Hotel show in Las Vegas. They faced how much it is appreciated in overseas. Their energy comes from the pleasure they experienced in overseas. That soul have connected to the FILM "KILL BILL" that Quentin Talantino has been filming this year. They have been choreographing, teaching and acting for the movie.
This film is now still on filming in USA, Beijing and Japan and supposed be in theaters in US on October 2003 and in Japan in October 25th 2003.

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