International Communication Web site
by Miyuki Kanda

I would like people who comes from foreign country they enjoy their time in Japan. Because I enjoyed a lot when I was living in Spain. It was very good memory for me and I was grateful for many people's help.
I could meet so many nice people when I was foreigner.
Now I would like to give my thank to people back. I can't do so many things but I do something. I just hope you will enjoy something relate with Japan.

Here I introduce some website which I am involving
or the site I am cooperating.


- Tokyo Room Finder -

Guest House, Apartment and Shared Apartment 
Finder for Tokyo, Japan

We have dealing with Guest Houses, Property owners and Tenants. Our multi-lingual staff have helped many forgieners visiting or staying in Japan and Japanese to find good vaule accomadation in Tokyo. Take a look at some of the advantages of using our system. 
since Jan 17th 2006

- U-stage -

“U Stage” is the theatrical group based in Nakano, Tokyo and which is lead by Mr. Yasushi Shimazaki under the following his motto , since Oct 25th 2002


Guest House & Room Mate in Japan

Roommate search & introductions about Guest Houses in Japan Community site for everyone , since May 7th 2001
私が夜なべして作ったサイトです(笑 まだアクセスがバンバンあるので残してます。
内容的にはTokyo Room Finderと同じです。


Sword Master Kengishu Kamui is established in 1998.
Kamui creates their original world with their originality and high quality techniques.

-Veremos Global .Inc-

Here is a company website. I started work by myself since Feb 10th 2001 and finally it became a company!
Here is an interview about my company by Crisscross.



A young french DJ in Japan established an organization JAPANECTION that make deal between european DJs and clubs in Tokyo.

We are plannning to publish a new website which is focus to find roommates in Japan. It will be set up soon. If you would like to get our update news please subscribe your name and email address at here.

今現在、新たにルームメイト系のサイトを構築中です。Tokyo Room Finder と連動させる為、かなり有益なサイトになります。情報欲しい方は、こちらにメールアドレス登録してください。ニュース関連お送りできます。